Our Approach

Our Approach

We love people.

We love parties. 

We love photos.

Because of the simplicity of these core values, our mission is to be easy to do business with. Simple pricing, processes but unparalleled options.  And as an event host, the last thing you should worry about is entertaining your guests.  That's where LUXE comes in.  We are an extension of you, the event planner/host.

Anyone can "set up a photo booth."  It is a no-brainer.  However, when you desire to bring a level of entertainment that also leaves your guests with tangible memories of your big event, LUXE offers excellent packages, VIP upgrades, personable service and customized pricing.

If you are shopping around, please make us your last call.  We will make every attempt to provide the best package to you based on your needs.  Our introductory package is only $199.00.

Call us.  Your booking is only minutes away.

Our Story

Our Story

We believe that one smile creates two.  -And two four; and four eight.

LUXE Event Photos was borne from the desire to capture and spread smiles.  That's it.  But isn't that enough?


Meet the Team

We are a family owned business in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and are available via telephone and e-mail.  No automated e-mails, but human interaction and relationships make everything better. Contact us today talk about your event.

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Patrice & Michael


A good social media story.

We dated when we were in our early 20's, broke up and married other people.  Life happened and twenty four years later, he sent me a hello on Facebook.  Two months later, we had lunch.  Ten months later, we were married.  Life is good, despite everything that could have happened.  Love is grand.


Next Steps...

If you've read this far, call or contact us today to get pricing on our unadvertised specials.